Brand new vehicles purchased from 1 July 2019

When you purchase a brand new vehicle, you will be automatically allocated to one of the four Government-approved CTP Insurers for CTP cover at the lowest premium price available in the market at the time for the relevant premium class.

All CTP insurers are required to provide the same product (the Policy of Insurance), so your cover will be the same regardless of which CTP Insurer you are allocated to.

If your registration period is longer than three months, during the first three months of registration (but not within the first five days of registration), you can change to a different CTP Insurer. This can be done online through your EzyReg account or by contacting Service SA by telephone on 13 10 84.

Changing your insurer will not change the premium price and there are no additional charges to make this change.

If you request to change to a different CTP Insurer, your policy will be transferred to your chosen CTP Insurer in the fourth month of your policy term, for the remaining period of registration.

If the registration period for your new vehicle is three months only, you will be able to choose a different CTP Insurer the next time you renew your registration. See more information about how to choose your insurer at renewal.

Second-hand vehicles purchased from 1 July 2019

When you purchase (or assume ownership of) a second-hand registered vehicle, you take over the remaining registration and CTP insurance for the vehicle. You will choose your CTP Insurer when it is time to renew the vehicle’s registration.