How is your personal information used?

Your CTP Insurer uses your personal information to provide you with CTP insurance cover. Other CTP Insurers may also have access to your personal information if required to progress a claim. Your details will not be disclosed to any other third party, except as permitted or required by law.

CTP Insurers (and any third party service providers they use) must comply with Commonwealth or State statutory requirements and with the Australian Privacy Principles.

The privacy policy of your CTP Insurer contains information about:

  • how to access the personal information the CTP Insurer holds about you
  • how to complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles by the CTP Insurer
  • how the CTP Insurer will handle a complaint.

You can find the privacy policy for your CTP Insurer here:

Vehicle registration details

When you register your vehicle, you also take out a Compulsory Third Party Insurance Policy as required under the Motor Vehicles Act 1959. The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI), on behalf of the Registrar for Motor Vehicles, collects your personal information as part of the registration process. View the DPTI privacy statement.

The information automatically given to your CTP Insurer when you register includes your name and registration details. This information is to be used for the purposes of providing your CTP policy only.

Information from CTP claims

When processing claims, the CTP Insurers (and their agents, subcontractors and representatives) are required to protect your personal information and comply with the Australian Privacy Principles. They also need to meet additional requirements set by the CTP Regulator (see Rule 6 of the Regulator Rules).

CTP Insurers must only disclose your information to other parties if the use or disclosure is:

  • necessary and relevant to managing your claim
  • made with your consent
  • reasonably expected
  • required by law, or
  • necessary for:
    • enforcing a criminal law or law imposing a financial penalty, or
    • the protection of public revenue (e.g. to investigate and detect fraud).

Any unauthorised disclosure must be reported to the CTP Regulator.