Which form do I use?

If you have been in an accident and are not sure which form/s you need to complete, you will find further information below.

Accident Report Form

The Accident Report Form is to be completed by the at-fault driver, motorcyclist or registered owner where a person is injured or a fatality occurs in a motor vehicle accident. This form is to be lodged with the CTP Insurer of your vehicle.

Injury Claim Form

The Injury Claim Form is to be completed by any person who is injured in a motor vehicle accident, and is to be lodged with the CTP Insurer of the vehicle you believe caused the accident.

Fatality Claim Form

The Fatality Claim Form should be completed when a vehicle accident has occurred and someone has been fatally injured. The form should be lodged with the CTP Insurer of the at-fault vehicle’s owner.

Returning your claim form to the CTP Insurer:

Find the contact details for the CTP Insurer handling your claim.

If you do not know the at-fault vehicle's CTP Insurer but you have their  number plate details, go to EzyReg and select ‘check registration expiry date’ (if you are unsure of the at-fault vehicle's plate number, click here for more information or contact us).

Allied Health Management Plans

Allied Health Management Plan – PHYSICAL

Allied Health Management Plan – PSYCHOLOGICAL