How does the survey work?

The Regulator commissions an independent provider to undertake one short telephone survey with people who have made a CTP claim.

The information collected from these surveys helps us to better understand the experiences claimants have with CTP Insurers during the claim process, and covers areas of:

  • responsiveness of CTP Insurers with claimants
  • whether information provided to claimants is easy to understand, and
  • the professionalism of the CTP Insurer’s staff.

The Regulator won’t request any personal information as part of the survey, or use any personal information in the results. Claimants are free to choose to participate.

What do the results mean?

The results collected from the surveys are used to determine an overall average Claimant Service Rating for each CTP Insurer on a rolling six month basis. The higher the number, the better the CTP Insurer’s service has been rated.

The Claimant Service Rating for each CTP Insurer will be published on this website and will also be published on registration renewal notices from May 2019.

These Claimant Service Ratings give vehicle owners more information to help in choosing a CTP Insurer when choice becomes a feature of the CTP Scheme from 1 July 2019.