Lodging a claim form

You must provide the CTP Insurer with a notice of claim by completing an Injury Claim Form or Fatality Claim Form, which must be signed and witnessed. When completing the claim form, you must provide honest and accurate information (and must not deliberately withhold information). The claim form is your ‘notice of claim’ under Section 126A of the Motor Vehicles Act 1959.

The more information you can provide, the easier it will be for the CTP Insurer handling your claim to process. They will review your claim form and ensure all necessary and available information has been provided. If you have included enough information for them to do so, the CTP Insurer will make an initial assessment of the claim and your eligibility. If you have not provided enough information, they will contact you to discuss your obligations (they may not be able to proceed with your claim until these obligations are met).

Required information

Some of the information the Injury Claim Form and the Fatality Claim Form will ask you to provide includes:

  • your personal information and proof of identity
  • the facts and circumstances of the accident
  • details of the vehicle/s you think caused the accident
  • the date, time and place at which the accident occurred
  • the name and address of the driver of the motor vehicle in which you were travelling (and of any other vehicle/s involved)
  • the registration number, make and model of the motor vehicle in which you were travelling (and any other vehicle/s involved)
  • the details of any witnesses to the accident, if known
  • the relevant police report number for any report provided to a police officer in connection with the accident
  • a list of all injuries from the accident
  • details of any pre-accident injuries, illnesses or conditions
  • details of any prior or subsequent accidents (including motor vehicle, sport, work or home)
  • if your injuries have prevented you from working, proof of income,
  • a medical certificate or opinion on the nature and cause of your injuries, and
  • copies of medical treatment accounts, if relevant.

When completing your claim form, you are required to sign a declaration stating that the information you have provided is true and correct. A penalty applies for providing false or misleading information, under Section 124(6a) of the Motor Vehicles Act 1959 (the MV Act).

Authority to obtain information

Your Injury Claim Form or Fatality Claim Form includes an authority, made under Schedule 1 of the Motor Vehicles (Third Party Insurance) Regulations 2013 (the MV [TPI] Regulations), which you must complete and provide to the CTP Insurer to collect additional information (such as medical records and information from government departments and your employer) to help them process and assess your claim. You are required to sign this authority if you wish to make a claim.

The CTP Insurer must take reasonable steps to inform you when and why they are using this authority, and must provide you with any additional information they have collected within 21 days of receipt (under Section 126A(4) of the MV Act). The authority remains in place until your claim is finalised or you revoke it (but you cannot revoke it for six months after you sign it).