About CTP Insurance

Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance is paid at the same time as you pay your motor vehicle registration – and just as registration of your vehicle is compulsory, so is CTP insurance.

Paying your CTP insurance premium provides cover under a legislated Policy of Insurance to protect you (and other people who use your vehicle, with or without your consent) against the financial impact of causing injury or death to other road users through the use of your vehicle anywhere in Australia. Serious injuries can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in rehabilitation and medical fees, so it’s important that you as a driver or owner are protected from having to personally pay these expenses.

If you are injured and it’s someone else’s fault, their CTP insurance will cover you for your medical costs (and potentially for lost income and non-economic loss, such as pain and suffering). If the driver at-fault is uninsured or unidentified, cover for your injuries may be available under the Nominal Defendant Scheme.

If an injured person is partially at fault (e.g. not wearing a seatbelt), their benefits may be reduced. CTP insurance does not cover an injured driver who is entirely at fault and does not pay for damage to property (including vehicles).

Regardless of fault, CTP insurance covers children aged under 16 for ongoing treatment, care and support needs that are a direct result of their injury from the accident, provided it occurred in South Australia.

How does motor accident insurance work in SA?

In addition to your CTP insurance cover, which you are required to purchase at the same time as registering your vehicle, you may also choose to purchase other optional insurance policies that cover you for:

  • personal injury/accident insurance (if you sustain non-motor vehicle accident related injuries, or injuries from a motor vehicle accident if you were the driver at fault), and/or
  • third party property insurance (for damage to other vehicles and property when you were at fault in an accident), and/or
  • comprehensive insurance (to cover your vehicle against fire, theft and accident damage, as well as damage to other vehicles and property when you were at fault in an accident).