CTP Insurers

Allocation of CTP Approved Insurers

In South Australia, Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance is provided by the following four Approved Insurers:

From 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2019 all four Approved Insurers are required to provide the same CTP Insurance product at the same price.

The Approved Insurers provide CTP insurance cover for persons injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident where the owner or driver of the motor vehicle is at fault.

At the time of registration, vehicles are automatically allocated to an Approved Insurer. Because all four Approved Insurers are required to provide the same CTP Insurance cover at the same price, there is no advantage in being with any particular Approved Insurer.

Simply register your vehicle and you will be allocated to an Approved Insurer.

How do I find out who my Approved Insurer is?

The name of your allocated Approved Insurer appears on the vehicle’s Registration Details Certificate.

Or, use the Ezyreg tools below to confirm the Approved Insurer of your own or another vehicle:

  • select the 'Check registration expiry date' option at Ezyreg;
  • or use the EzyReg smartphone app, available for both iPhone and Android.

Or, contact the CTP Regulator Enquiries Line on 1300 303 558.

Where do I find my Approved Insurer on my Registration Details Certificate?

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure send out the Registration Details Certificate. Your Allocated Insurer is printed on the certificate. See sample below:


Changing your Approved Insurer

From 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2019 all four Approved Insurers are required to provide the same CTP Insurance product at the same price, so there is no advantage in being with any particular Approved Insurer. The entitlement to compensation you may receive, should you be injured, will be the same regardless of your Approved Insurer.

Changing Approved Insurers is not actively encouraged, but if there are serious concerns and legitimate reasons for renewing a CTP Insurance policy with another of the Approved Insurers, we will be able to assist with this process.

If you wish to apply to change your Approved Insurer as part of the registration process, and you live within 40 km of the Adelaide General Post Office, or you live in a rural township with a Service SA Centre, you are required to complete the following process:

  1. attend in person at a Service SA Customer Service Centre;
  2. complete the required Change of Allocated Insurer form; and
  3. satisfy Service SA’s identification verification process.

Regional customers who are located more than 40km from the Adelaide General Post Office and live in an area without a Service SA Centre, can contact the Service SA Customer Service Helpline on 13 10 84. A Change of Allocated Insurer form will be sent  to you once your identity has been verified by Service SA. Complete the form and return it to the CTP Regulator's office.

A completed Change of Allocated Insurer form requesting a change of  your allocated CTP Approved Insurer will be reviewed by the the Regulator. If the Regulator requires further information, we will contact you.

Following receipt of your completed Change of Allocated Insurer form you will be notified in writing of the Regulator’s decision as to whether or not your request to change Approved Insurer is accepted. If your request is accepted, details of your new Approved Insurer will be displayed on the vehicle's next Registration Details Certificate.

How is your personal information used?

The Approved Insurer uses your personal information to provide you with CTP insurance cover.  Other Approved Insurers may also have access to your personal information if required to progress a claim. Your details will not be disclosed to any other third party, except as permitted or required by law.

The privacy policy of your Approved Insurer contains information about:

  • how to access the personal information the Approved Insurer holds about you,
  • how to complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles by the Approved Insurer, and
  • how the Approved Insurer will handle a complaint.

Collection of this information is required under the Act, and is done on behalf of one of the insurers who are approved by the State to provide CTP insurance policies. Without this information you cannot be provided with a CTP insurance policy in respect of your vehicle, which may cause you to breach the law.

When you register your vehicle you also take out a compulsory third party insurance policy as required under the Motor Vehicles Act 1959. DPTI (on behalf of the Registrar for Motor Vehicles) collects your personal information as part of the registration process.