The four Government-approved CTP Insurers commenced providing CTP insurance on 1 July 2016. The CTP Insurers must comply with the Regulator Rules published by the Regulator on this site.

View the Regulator Rules.

Regulator Rules have been made regarding:

  1. How the CTP Scheme works
  2. How CTP Insurers manage their business processes and practices
  3. CTP Insurers’ obligations to assist customers and maintain appropriate service levels
  4. The way information is collected, used and disclosed
  5. How claims are processed and managed, including how liability determinations are made
  6. The purpose of medical reports and how medical examinations and assessments are arranged
  7. Travel costs arising from injury-related medical treatment and assessments
  8. Undertaking investigations and using Investigation Providers
  9. Uhe use of external service providers to handle claims
  10. The way children’s claims are recognised, managed and settled
  11. Eligibility criteria and requirements for making interim payments to injured people
  12. Referring seriously injured people to the Lifetime Support Scheme
  13. How disputed claims and settlement offers are handled
  14. How complaints are managed
  15. How children’s claims are allocated to CTP Insurers for injuries resulting from vehicle accidents occurring South Australia which are caused by interstate-registered vehicles
  16. The requirement for CTP Insurers to seek approval from the Regulator for their marketing communications materials and activities