Claim Farming

What is Claim Farming?

Claim Farming is the name given to what scammers do when they contact people who have been involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Claim farming involves members of the public receiving cold calls or social media prompts, seeking personal details regarding possible involvement in car accidents. These claim farmers encourage people to make a CTP claim and provide your details to lawyers.

Claim farmers can be very sophisticated and convincing.

The clearest warning signs you’re dealing with a claim farmer scammer are how they contact you and the promises they make.

What to do if you are contacted

If you receive an unwanted phone call or social media prompt encouraging you to make a CTP claim, please do not provide them with any details. Do not complete any forms that are sent to you without verifying the source.

Should you receive contact of this nature, attempt to identify the source by asking for:

  • their organisation;
  • their name;
  • their phone number to call them back; and
  • their website and email address.

Do not provide them with your personal information.

If you receive uninvited contact please inform the CTP Regulator on phone 1300 303 558 or email at

Further information

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